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Three Things to Negotiate in Order to Get a Better Deal


Know your market. Let’s face it, in order to get the very best deal possible, you need to know what the market value is. A savvy buyer and a professional agent are going to be market experts. They will be able to identify what market value is and then negotiate to get BETTER THAN MARKET VALUE.
Present your knowledge to the seller. Negotiating begins with the presentation of the offer. Simply putting an offer in on a property with no “set-up” is going to leave you with limited leverage in the negotiation and many times will be perceived as a “shark” simply by trying to take advantage of the seller. A powerful offer presenation will tell your story and humanize you to the seller, which allows them to be more flexible for you, not see you as their competition.
Let them know you love the home but in order to negotiate the best price you have to bring the seller back to reality. The seller knows you like the property because you put an offer in. It’s imperative to remind them of the short comings that you are willing to overlook as long as the market makes sense. They will recongnize that you are buying a property that you like but it also has to make financial sense.
Obtain and maintain leverage during negotiations. In every negotiation, there are times when the leverage shifts. Learn the strategies that will allow it to shift in your favor, and you can negotiate with tough sellers and get the best price.
It starts with the presentation. When you set up the offer with a powerful presentation, you laid the grounwork for the seller making some concessions on things that may need to be updated, upgraded, repaired, and replaced.
Change VS. Cash Back: Once you are close to where you want to be financially, you can refer back to those items. Most sellers know there are things that not EVERY buyer is going to like in their home. Sellers that stop negotiating on price will often be willing to move more on repairs, etc. that they know could come up in another negotiation.
Closing Costs:
The surefire price reduction: Sellers are not surprised when a buyer asks for closing costs. Similar to concessions the closing costs offer a good avenue for the savvy buyer to negotiate a better price by minimizing the cash they have to bring to closing. Closing costs are a great negotiation tool, whther you need them to do the closing or not, as long as you know how to present the offer.
Know your guidelines and limits. It’s important to know the rules. There are limits to what you can and cannot as for and your agent or mortgage lender can educate you on these important items.
Avoid asking for closing costs on cash deals. Some would argue that it makes the seller feel like they are getting a higher price. Just like you, the buyer, the seller is only concerned with HOW MUCH WILL I NET. Most sellers are completely confused and feel taken advantage of when closing costs are requested on cash deals. When they are confused, they shut down in negotiations.
A great negotiation can assist you in buying under the market value in many cases. A poor negotiator can cost you thousands!
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Just Listed Condo in Rancho San Diego’s Mirasol Complex

11586 Fury Lane, El Cajon, CA 92019
MLS # 140034278

$249,900 – $269,900
2 BED   •   2 BATH   •   1136 sq.ft   •   MIRASOL Condo Complex
Just listed in beautiful Rancho San Diego! A Perfect 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in the quiet Mirasol complex off Fury Lane. Includes 2 assigned parking spaces in a quiet downstairs unit with large outdoor patio.
Move in Ready, listed for $249,900 – $269,900
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Cell: 619-250-4541
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Just Listed Spanish-Style Home in College Area of SDSU!

4626 60th Street, San Diego, CA 90115

MLS # 140032881

3 BED   •   2 BATH   •   1344 sq ft.
Just listed! Perfect spanish craftsman home in charming college neighborhood! This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has gorgeous cove style ceilings that give it a classic feel. Stunning original hardwood floors, updated spacious kitchen with open breakfast bar, semi-formal dining room that’s great for entertaining, cozy gas fireplace in the living room, and upgraded windows. Relax and enjoy the nice-sized back yard with jacuzzi! This unique home is centrally located in the College area, near all schools, shopping, and restaurants all within walking distance!
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60th Street, San Diego CA

Things Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Tell You

1. Am I reputable?

-Even if your agent has had their license for 10 years, your home might be the first one they’ve tried selling in years. Get all the facts before signing a Buyers Agent Agreement. Ask how many transactions they’ve completed last year, and make sure to do a quick internet search with their name to make sure they come up under real estate.

2. That big commission check does not go right into the agents pocket. – Everyone thinks that real estateagents get a huge commission check for every sale. What many don’t realize is that for every listing they close, there are expenses many don’t notice. Agents divide the commission with their brokerage. A portion of the check goes to the sign they put outside your house, your lock box, hosting an open house, sending out flyers for your home, access to the MLS, association membership, advertising and more. So that $6000.00 commission checks that may believe goes right into the agents pocket? At the end of the day and after paying all the expenses it comes out to about $2500.
3. As an agent, their safety is compromised every single time they walk into an empty house. 
– Don’t even make me tell you the things I’ve seen or walked in on. You don’t want to know.
4. I can’t tell you the ethnic background of the people in the area, or the local crime rate, either. – I would be violating the Fair Housing Laws if i told you. The best thing to do is look it up yourself before committing.
5. Wide Open is the way to go!– Clear bathroom countertops and kitchen spaces when selling your home. People love when they can walk into a room and see wide-open counter spaces.

6. Don’t skip the final walk-through of the home. –  I’ve seen washers, dryers, stoves, and chandeliers walk out the door when the agreement stated that they needed to stay there. The final walk through is your last chance to make sure that any repairs that needed to be made were completed and working properly, and that all the owners personal items are removed.

7. The open house helps me more than it helps you.– The majority of visitors at the open house are usually just nosy neighbors. Open houses give me the opportunity to hand out my business card and gain potential clients.
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Rental in Rancho San Diego!

11974 Avenida Marcella, El Cajon, CA 92019

$2600|Month   |   1 YEAR LEASE MIN.

MLS # 140032424   |   4 BED, 2.5 BATH


MOVE IN READY!!! In the Heart of Rancho San Diego with 4 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths and a 2 Car Garage. Newly remodeled home featuring new kitchen with brand new cabinets and granite counter tops. Newer paint and new tiles floors throughout. This home also offers a Soft Water System, as well as a Whole House fan.
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Getting Financially Fit

If you’re planning to sell your home, be sure that you are executing a home sale that aligns with your life. For many sellers, the property preperation work is the first thing they think of. Decluttering your home is always the first start. Hire an agent to come into your home and tell you what needs to go. Then pack up the stuff and hire painters and housekeepers to update the home. Finally, here is where the financial preparation comes into play.

1. Get cleared on your current credit score. Chances are this is where everyone spots credit glitches like bills that need to be paid and errors that sometimes occur. Be sure this gets the green light before listing your home to sell. And remember, the earlier you get started the more time you have to get it solved. Sometimes it can take months (or even a year) to complete this process. The earlier you start, the quicker you can finish.

2. There’s a lot that needs to be accounted for in housing costs before making a decision to sell your home. Just because interest rates are good, or you just got a raise doesn’t mean you’re ready to buy or sell. Factor in what the actual increase in your mortgage payment is going to be and how much you’ll net on your current home, how much cash you need to close on your new home, and how much things like utilities, property taxes, insurance, and other home-related expenses will be.

If you’re looking to downsize your current home to a smaller home or condo, you might see an increase in your property taxes. You might even get an HOA bill you’ve never seen before. Ask your agent to help you understand what sort of downsize or new property you can look to get into at various price points. Ask your mortgage broker to help you understand financial scenarios for purchase prices, down payments and monthly payments, and your tax advisor to understand impacts of various home scenarios on your income taxes.
3. Home inspections are key when getting ready to sell your home. Sometimes surprise property problems can complicate your sale or taxes that need to be paid to close the deal. Don’t wait until you have a buyer for your home. Get a home, pest, and / or roof inspection before your house even goes onto the market. This empowers you to make any necessary repairs what needs doing in your home.

4. Create a financial plan for the sale of your home. When you buy a home, sellers pay both agent’s commission. Make sure to calculate the average 5-6% of the purchase price to cover your listing agent’s work and the buyers agent too. Depending on the condition of your home, you might need to spend a few bucks on DIY projects to showcase your home to it’s full potential.


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Home For Sale in San Carlos!

6985 Caminito Curva, San Diego, CA 92119

2 BED   |   3 BATH   |   1603 Square Feet

MLS #140031227


Welome to your beautiful new home in the Golfview Estates of San Carlos! With a fully remodeled kitchen, including new cabinets, gorgeous granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, this home won’t last long!


Complete upgrade of the flooring throughout the home as well as new bathroom fixtures and cabinets. Marvelous fireplace in the living room that includes a dining room and balcony to enjoy a cup of coffee. This home is nestled in the quiet neighborhood of San Carlos but is close to shopping, dining, and the Mission Trails Park. 

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Natural Hazard Disclosures

When you’re ready to buy a home, you’ll need to be sure that you receive a natural hazard disclosure report. Under section 1103 of the California Civil Code, the Natural Hazard Disclosure Act states that “real estate sellers and brokers are legally required to disclose if the property being sold lises within one or more state or locally mapped hazard areas.”
The law requires six hazards to be disclosed, which include:


1. A Special Floor Hazard Area

2. Dam Inundation

3. Very High Fire

4. Wildland Fire

5. Earthquake Fault Zone

6. A Seismic Hazard


The state of California has a standard reporting format for the seller and their agent to comply with the laws, since it is their responsibility to disclose this information to the buyer. The seller and their agent can seek out a “third party” (typically a disclosure company, an engineer, geologist, or expert in the natural hazard discovery) to prepare the report.

The seller, sellers agent, and buyer, need to sign one copy of the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report proper to the close of escrow.


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Kitchen Designs Worth Looking At

Nissou Realty Group recently stumbled upon some really great Kitchen designs while helping a client with staging their home. Open kitchen floor plans are all the rage for 2014.  Check these out and let us know what your favorite is!


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