Month: December 2014

The 2015 Design Trends You NEED To Know!

As we begin to prepare for our new year into 2015, predictions and color trends are surfacing about what the newest 2015 design trends will be making a staple this new year, and which ones will start to diminish from our views.

Greek Blue: Greek blue, like the blue of the Meditteranean and the churches of Santorini will be making a statement in 2015. It’s rich, and perfect to pair with a grey or pink.

Green and Blue: Mixing green with anything creates vibrant colors. Paired with classic versions of blue and a lighter or darker green for a fresh and bold look.
Want to make it a little bit more classic and chic? Pair olive greens for a warm, organic and neutral room.

Natural Grays: Everyone loves neutral, earth tones. Gray was the hottest neutral for 2014, and you better believe it’s making a come back for 2015. But this year, combine soft gray walls with dark charcoals. It’s sure to be a hit. One of my favorite gray staple colors? “Repose Gray” by Sherwin Williams.

Make it bold: I love mixing colors – pinks, purples, greens and blues. You name it, I can make it work with what’s already existing in the room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors and fun prints. Be sure that everything in the room flows together, and can flow into an adjacent and adjoint room.

Make it warm: As much as I love bold colors and prints, I love muddy colors, too. Rust, olive, mint, and aubergine are soft and warm, but can still make a statement. And don’t forget that you can still splash bright colors into the room too, to keep things exciting!
(Example: Bold violet with a warm green and grey)

A big trend we will be seeing in the new year? Pairing classics with unexpected accents and vibrant tones. Think black, gray, and white, with splashes of red in a room. In the bedroom, pair solid sheets with chevron throw pillows and a velvet headboard. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, either.

Don’t forget that you can get color design inspiration from jsut about anywhere – nature, clothing, weddings, even the sunset. Check out more 2015 Design Trend inspiration on our Pinterest page!

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Why You Should Be Pre-Approved For a Home Loan

For real estate and loan professionals, it’s common to come across buyers who have decided to “skip” over the pre-approval process. But many agents will reject offers from buyers who don’t have a pre-approval letter from their banks. So what is a pre-approval letter, what does it cover, and why do you need one?

A pre-approval is when a lender will verify the borrower’s (buyers) information and documentation to determine how much it woul dbe willing to lend to that borrower, or buyer. They typically are the same documents that you would need to get a mortgage. This includes pay stubs, the previous two years worth of W-2’s, last two federal returns, two months’ worth of bank statements of all types of accounts, and your credit report.

While a pre-approval is not a loan commitment, it does help to speed up the underwriting and loan approval process.

And while it is typicall for a potential buyer to believe that they quality for a certain mortgage based on what a neighbor, friend, or relative with a similar credit profile bough, it’s not always correct. Getting pre-approved before you shop for a loan allows you time to fix any unexpected errors on your credit report.

To find out more information about the pre-approval process, or to get pre-approved, contact Stephen Nissou today!  619-250-4541

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How To Decorate A Home Office

Whether you work from home or are simply interested in a dedicated space to manage the monthly bills, respond to emails, or work with your children on schoolwork, crafting an environment based on personal needs can be accomplished regardless of the space available. Create a home office with your specific design needs in mind.


Keep it Bright and Vivid

You need to be alert and attentive while in your home office. Consider a bright color scheme utilizing white as a backdrop and vivid shades of orange, pink or yellow that support energy and optimism.

If you have a demanding job, shades of blue, green or even purple may be a better option as they create a more calming environment.

office2 office3

Furnishings and Décor for Your Home Office

There are a few obvious needs when planning for a home office, with a desk and chair topping the list. Carefully select these items based on allotted space and your personal needs. If you work from home, you may require a larger desk to house items such as reference books, files, a printer, or fax machine. If you simply desire a space to respond to emails on your laptop, then a smaller desk should suit you just fine. Choose an ergonomically-designed chair to promote better posture and efficiency if your home office is your sole place of work.

If you’re fortunate to be provided natural light and a view of the outdoors, position your desk to take advantage of this. Add adequate task lighting to create a comfortable workspace.

Keep your home office tidy and organized in order to maintain efficiency. Consider cabinetry or shelving, and add labeled baskets for increased organization.

Keeping décor to a minimum also helps maintain organization. Add items such as houseplants or a small water feature to encourage a sense of calmness and increased well-being. A few framed photos of your favorite loved ones also inspire a less stressful environment, and displaying some personal achievements or awards inspire a positive work attitude and sense of pride.

Be Creative with the Space You’ve Got

If square footage is at a premium and you aren’t afforded the benefit of dedicating an entire room to your home office, get creative. Utilize an oversized closet or carve out a nook in the corner of a room, adding built-ins or floating shelves. Space under stairways is often wasted. Consider utilizing this space, which is also out of the way of foot traffic.

Whatever your personal demands for a home office may be, regardless of square-footage restrictions, enjoy creating a custom home office space that suits your individual demands.

For more home office design insipiration, check out our Pinterest page!

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Just listed in Jamul, CA by
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All lots in this development are priced at an impressive $299,000!
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Private Driveway For Lot #3
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Home Design Trends For The Season!


If you’re like me, you’re already thinking of how to retire your spring and summer home and get it ready for the cooler months! So if you are ready to get out of that summer funk, and “fall” into a new home design for a while I’ve got you covered with these predicted Winter 2014 Home Design Trends!

Interchangeable Accents

Instead of settling on one fixed look, it looks like trends are heading towards a versatile neutral base and big-impact accents. A popular predicted color for fall? Chameleon! (Not to be confused with the Pokémon character, either!)

Glamour It Up

Move over white walls, 2014 is all about drama and glamour! So dark walls in black and greys will be the perfect backdrop for fall, and easily transition into winter! Add in some metallic accessories and a crystal chandelier, and you’ll be good to go!


With an overexposure to vintage in 2014, one of a kind pieces are highly sought after. And what’s not to love about vintage pieces, especially when you have guests asking “where did you get that?!” Vintage pieces go great with all that glam on the walls, too


Goodbye, Beige

With all those interchangeable accents and vintage pieces, it may finally be the end of beige…we hope.

Blossoming Prints

Tried and true fabrics are popping up all over fashion this year. Mix them with other graphic patterns for a very modern look!

Metals and Metallic

Remember that we’re glamouring it up for fall? Mix and match metallic (like silver and gold) with a  little bit of metal to really get the look you’re going for!

It’s All About That Navy

Navy blue has been a huge trend so far this year. Once we get into the cooler months, you’ll want to darken the place down a bit. Navy hues and patterns will be all the rage this fall. From rich, saturated colors to bright, vibrant shades, keep it constant even until next spring!
Have a trend you just love?! Email it to me and I’ll feature it on our blog!, And for more fall trends, check out my Pinterest page at


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Just Closed In El Cajon, CA!

1060 Aster Ave. El Cajon, CA
Congratulations to our clients on the purchase of their first home!
A beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1148 sqft home in beautiful El Cajon, California!

When you’re looking to buy a home, sell your home, or invest in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Nissou and the Nissou Realty Group Team! We’re here to help you find a home for the new year!

Direct: 619-250-4541
Office: 619-873-2772

1060 Aster Avenue

Your Local San Diego Real Estate Expert,

Stephen NIssou
Nissou Realty Group
Keller Williams Realty
680 Fletcher Pkwy. #100
El Cajon, CA 92020

Real Estate Market Update: El Cajon, CA 92019, 92020, 92021

MARKET UPDATE: El Cajon, CA 92019, 92020, 92021

Compared to June of 2014, the average market date time for a Single Family Residence on the market was 45 days. As of November it has increased slightly to 52 days. This is typical for this time of year because of the holiday season, where many buyers wait until the warmer months to buy their home.

As of November 2014, there was an average of 341 active listings in El Cajon, CA. This is a slight dip from the 401 active listings from June of this year.

While the number of active listings and market time has varied from June to November, there was an increase in median home sale prices within this time period. According to Sandicor, the average sale price for homes in El Cajon was $369,410. In November 2014, this increased to $388,856. That is an increase of $19,446.

To search for homes for sale in El Cajon (92019, 92020, 92019) please follow the link below:,27312,27313/

For more insider tips, market updates, and more, please go to!

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Design Tips for your Childrens Playroom

When designing a playroom for your children, there are some key factors to consider. This is a room where your children will learn, grow and flourish both physically and socially. It’s important to craft an inspirational, fun and safe environment. Combine these elements to create a playful, carefree environment in your home.

Color & Theme

Consider your child’s personality and preferences – and embrace them! Use vivid and bold colors such as red, blue, green, pink or yellow. Use them as your primary wall color, or go with a more neutral shade and accent with these hues. Consider decorative wallpapers as another option, displaying numbers, letters or other child-friendly patterns.

Themed playrooms are another popular option. This is where you really need to unleash your imagination. Consider a sports theme or even a Western ­or race car theme. Choose a garden or princess theme, or consider replicating a favorite fairy tale. Have murals painted on the walls or purchase themed decals that can be easily changed or removed.

Safety First

Creating a safe environment for your children is a top priority. Keep electrical sockets covered and consider using curtains as opposed to blinds. The loosely hanging strings on blinds can present a strangulation hazard if not properly secured. Choose age-appropriate toys and furnishing to help prevent accidents.

Organizing Tips

Don’t let the playroom overwhelm you. Strategize in advance how to store books, toys and art supplies in order to avoid unwanted chaos. Keeping it organized not only helps maintain your sanity, but also creates a more enjoyable experience for your child.

One option is to separate the playroom into sections, each with a designated purpose. There might be a section for making art with an easel or table and chairs. A comfy seating area gives your child a place to enjoy books and quiet time. And a carpeted, open area makes it easy to play with toys or make up imaginative games.

Colorful baskets, buckets or labeled plastic bins in varying sizes make wonderful storage options. They are also a great way for your children to learn their colors and necessary sorting skills.

Shelving or cubbies in assorted sizes are a must. They are great for storing just about anything. Keep items such as plush animals, books and puzzles organized loosely on a shelf, or neatly stack your bins and baskets to hold things like toy cars, Legos, play dough and art supplies. Keeping storage bins organized will help your child remember where things go, making cleanup easier.

For oversized items, large toy boxes work great and keep floor space free. Consider hanging organizers with individual sleeves for items such as CDs or card games that require added protection.

Have fun with your playroom design. Use your creativity to fashion a captivating environment that inspires your children to have fun while learning.

For more inspirational tips, tricks, and ideas, check out our Pinterest.

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