Home Design Trends For The Season!


If you’re like me, you’re already thinking of how to retire your spring and summer home and get it ready for the cooler months! So if you are ready to get out of that summer funk, and “fall” into a new home design for a while I’ve got you covered with these predicted Winter 2014 Home Design Trends!

Interchangeable Accents

Instead of settling on one fixed look, it looks like trends are heading towards a versatile neutral base and big-impact accents. A popular predicted color for fall? Chameleon! (Not to be confused with the Pokémon character, either!)

Glamour It Up

Move over white walls, 2014 is all about drama and glamour! So dark walls in black and greys will be the perfect backdrop for fall, and easily transition into winter! Add in some metallic accessories and a crystal chandelier, and you’ll be good to go!


With an overexposure to vintage in 2014, one of a kind pieces are highly sought after. And what’s not to love about vintage pieces, especially when you have guests asking “where did you get that?!” Vintage pieces go great with all that glam on the walls, too


Goodbye, Beige

With all those interchangeable accents and vintage pieces, it may finally be the end of beige…we hope.

Blossoming Prints

Tried and true fabrics are popping up all over fashion this year. Mix them with other graphic patterns for a very modern look!

Metals and Metallic

Remember that we’re glamouring it up for fall? Mix and match metallic (like silver and gold) with a  little bit of metal to really get the look you’re going for!

It’s All About That Navy

Navy blue has been a huge trend so far this year. Once we get into the cooler months, you’ll want to darken the place down a bit. Navy hues and patterns will be all the rage this fall. From rich, saturated colors to bright, vibrant shades, keep it constant even until next spring!
Have a trend you just love?! Email it to me and I’ll feature it on our blog! Admin@NissouRealty.com., And for more fall trends, check out my Pinterest page at Pinterest.com/NissouRealty.


Your Local San Diego Real Estate Expert,

Stephen Nissou


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