The 2015 Design Trends You NEED To Know!

As we begin to prepare for our new year into 2015, predictions and color trends are surfacing about what the newest 2015 design trends will be making a staple this new year, and which ones will start to diminish from our views.

Greek Blue: Greek blue, like the blue of the Meditteranean and the churches of Santorini will be making a statement in 2015. It’s rich, and perfect to pair with a grey or pink.

Green and Blue: Mixing green with anything creates vibrant colors. Paired with classic versions of blue and a lighter or darker green for a fresh and bold look.
Want to make it a little bit more classic and chic? Pair olive greens for a warm, organic and neutral room.

Natural Grays: Everyone loves neutral, earth tones. Gray was the hottest neutral for 2014, and you better believe it’s making a come back for 2015. But this year, combine soft gray walls with dark charcoals. It’s sure to be a hit. One of my favorite gray staple colors? “Repose Gray” by Sherwin Williams.

Make it bold: I love mixing colors – pinks, purples, greens and blues. You name it, I can make it work with what’s already existing in the room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors and fun prints. Be sure that everything in the room flows together, and can flow into an adjacent and adjoint room.

Make it warm: As much as I love bold colors and prints, I love muddy colors, too. Rust, olive, mint, and aubergine are soft and warm, but can still make a statement. And don’t forget that you can still splash bright colors into the room too, to keep things exciting!
(Example: Bold violet with a warm green and grey)

A big trend we will be seeing in the new year? Pairing classics with unexpected accents and vibrant tones. Think black, gray, and white, with splashes of red in a room. In the bedroom, pair solid sheets with chevron throw pillows and a velvet headboard. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, either.

Don’t forget that you can get color design inspiration from jsut about anywhere – nature, clothing, weddings, even the sunset. Check out more 2015 Design Trend inspiration on our Pinterest page!

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