Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

ImageBeing a potential home buyer, the first thing they look at is a home’s curb appeal. I’ve come up with the best landscaping tips to help sell your home in today’s market. An attractive and well-maintained landscape can add up to 10 % of your home.


Spruce up your outdoor containers by adding interest to patios and doorways.


 Apply a fresh layer to all your garden beds to enhance color and contrast the plants around it. Seasonal color makes the landscape pop as well, so go for a splash of color.


It’s always a good idea to tidy up any herb plants that don’t look as good as they should.


Clean up any water fixtures to get rid of any visible algae, remove leaves, and clean filters so that the water is clear and clean.


 Take care of any irrigation issues by making small repairs and provide information about your irrigation schedule. 


Repair faucet leaks.


Label as many plants as possible so that the buyer knows what each plant is and how to assist in their growing needs.




Your Local Agent,

Stephen Nissou