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Things To Buy After A Home

Congratulations! You just purchased a new home! The biggest hurdle is now over. What’s next?

Keys and Locks – The first thing you need to do after buying a new home is changing all your door locks, or re-key the home. If the previous sellers gave sets of keys to family, friends, neighbors, etc. then chances are that you need to re-key the house. This is solely for your own protection. Check out your local hardware store to re-key. You can buy all new locks, but sometimes it gets to be a little expensive.

Lawnmower – Unless you plan to hire a gardener you will definitely need to buy a lawnmower. Many homes in California have no lawns, and the back yards are dirt, so this doesn’t always apply.

Garden Supplies – Like I previously stated, California back yards are primarily dirt. Consider purchasing plants and trees to fill. Every home needs a garden hose.

Tools and Repair Items – Every house needs a well-stocked tool box. Hammers, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches, nails, and tape measures are just a few of the essentials every house needs.  If you’re looking to do some remodeling, don’t forget paint brushes, paint scrapers, mixing paint containers, rollers, drop clothes, and sandpaper.

Outdoor Entertaining – Lawn chairs, umbrellas, patio furniture and a BBQ grill are just a few things you need to entertain family and friends.

Window Coverings – Blinds, drapes, Roman shades, scarves, toppers, and shutters/ sheers are just a few ideas for window coverings. IF you’re low on budget, try self-adhesive paper blinds with clips.

Appliances – Depending on how much you want to spend, look into having a refrigerator, washer and dryer, and cooktop/range. Consider buying used appliances if you’re on a strict budget.

Linens, Towels, and Floor Coverings – Try Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Linen-n-Things!

If you’re not quite sure the color scheme you’re going for, or need some help with designing your home, look into hiring a personal Interior Designer to work with you.  Try Living Solutions Interior Design for help! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Solutions-Interior-Design/206050699430476


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Stephen Nissou


Take a SIP of San Diego

Typically when thinking of San Diego, you imagine America’s Finest City, offering the best beaches, nightlife, and sights. But did you know that San Diego has it’s own community of wineries, making some of the best hand-crafted wines? If you’re a wine lover, discover some of the best San Diego has to offer! Check out the top 5 wineries here in San Diego:

San Pasqual Winery

Located in the heart of La Mesa’s downtown district, the San Pasqual Winder recently opened it’s second location in La Mesa off Center Street in the summer of 2013. They offer wine tastings at only $7.50 for 5 tastes, and $5 off with a purchase of a bottle. They have a Tasting Room that is open throughout the week in La Mesa Village at 8364 La Mesa Blvd. Their new location, located at 8140 Center Street in La Mesa offers Winery Sales and Tastings on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4pm.
San Pasqual Winery offers some of the best wine in San Diego, with a wide variety of white and red wines. They also offer Specialty Passion Fruit Wines and Dessert Wines on the market. Check out their website at www.SanPasqualWinery.com for more information, hours, and locations.

Bernardo Winery

Located in Rancho Bernardo lies one of the best-kept secrets of the county. Over the last 120 years, the Bernardo Winery is family owned and operated with over 12 shops, a salon, award-winning café, and a tasting room. Enjoy a wide variety of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, White Riesling, Syrah, Merlot, and Sherry. Visit www.BernardoWinery.com for more information.

Shadow Mountain Vineyards

Shadow Mountain Vineyards is a third-generation family estate wine making business, founded in 1944. They specialize in premium white and red table wines grown from grapes fresh out of the estate. The winery offers a tented picnic area, tours, tasting cellars, and gift shops. The vineyards overlooks the beautiful Hot Spring Mountains and offers beautiful scenic views. There are also cottages on the vineyard estate, which includes a beautiful cottage along with a bottle of Shadow Mountain Vineyard Wine and Continental breakfast. For more information, including wedding information, event planning, the address, and hours, visit www.ShadowMountainVineyards.com.

Fallbrook Winery

Fallbrook Winery, incorporated in 1981, offers award-winning wines and has the ideal microclimate weather when it comes to wine making. They focus on creating wines from a number of varieties that are able to grow well in the local climate. All red grapes are handpicked and fermented in the 175-gallon fermenters, allowing optimal fermentation conditions. They produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, and Blends. The Winery offers tours and tastings, by appointment only.  Visit www.FallbrookWinery.comfor more information on booking tours, and hours.

Salerno Winery

Located at 17948 Highway 67 in Ramona, Salerno Winery is the premier destination for tasting tours. Family owned and operated the rich soils of the hills and perfect micro-climate weather allows rich soil for premium grapes to be grown. They offer Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petite Sirah. Visit www.SalernoWinery.com for more information on booking a tasting, and hours.