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Things Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Tell You

1. Am I reputable?

-Even if your agent has had their license for 10 years, your home might be the first one they’ve tried selling in years. Get all the facts before signing a Buyers Agent Agreement. Ask how many transactions they’ve completed last year, and make sure to do a quick internet search with their name to make sure they come up under real estate.

2. That big commission check does not go right into the agents pocket. – Everyone thinks that real estateagents get a huge commission check for every sale. What many don’t realize is that for every listing they close, there are expenses many don’t notice. Agents divide the commission with their brokerage. A portion of the check goes to the sign they put outside your house, your lock box, hosting an open house, sending out flyers for your home, access to the MLS, association membership, advertising and more. So that $6000.00 commission checks that may believe goes right into the agents pocket? At the end of the day and after paying all the expenses it comes out to about $2500.
3. As an agent, their safety is compromised every single time they walk into an empty house. 
– Don’t even make me tell you the things I’ve seen or walked in on. You don’t want to know.
4. I can’t tell you the ethnic background of the people in the area, or the local crime rate, either. – I would be violating the Fair Housing Laws if i told you. The best thing to do is look it up yourself before committing.
5. Wide Open is the way to go!– Clear bathroom countertops and kitchen spaces when selling your home. People love when they can walk into a room and see wide-open counter spaces.

6. Don’t skip the final walk-through of the home. –  I’ve seen washers, dryers, stoves, and chandeliers walk out the door when the agreement stated that they needed to stay there. The final walk through is your last chance to make sure that any repairs that needed to be made were completed and working properly, and that all the owners personal items are removed.

7. The open house helps me more than it helps you.– The majority of visitors at the open house are usually just nosy neighbors. Open houses give me the opportunity to hand out my business card and gain potential clients.
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Kitchen Designs Worth Looking At

Nissou Realty Group recently stumbled upon some really great Kitchen designs while helping a client with staging their home. Open kitchen floor plans are all the rage for 2014.  Check these out and let us know what your favorite is!


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For more kitchen designs check out our Pinterest page at
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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Home in 2014

Why is 2014 the perfect time to sell your home with me?

1. Low Inventory! The number of homes for sale have dramatically dropped and so homebuyers are lining up to make offers on homes for sale.
2. Home prices are up, up, up! There are more homes in demand which are helping to drive home prices.
3. And to think it couldn’t get any better – LOW Interest Rates! If you sell now, take advantage of financing new homes with low interest rates!
4. With low inventory, buyers are contributing to sales of homes. They are asking less for the seller.
5. STEPHEN NISSOU, of course! I have a proven track record for selling homes quickly and efficinently! What’s even better is my personal AND extended marketing plan that helps you sell your home, sometimes within 30 days or less!
How many more reasons do you need to sell your home San Diego’s real estate expert? 
Call me today! 619-250-4541 or visit!
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Featured Listing in Lemon Grove

8255 Alton Drive, Lemon Grove, CA 91945
FEATURED LISTING: Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1500 Sq Ft Lemon Grove home with gorgeous views from the back yard! 0.61 usable acres with 2 car detached garage. Originally built as a 2 br/1bath, 974 sqqt ft but large enclosed patio being used as master bedroom with full bath makes this a perfect 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Move-in ready! Check it out and please call me for more information or to schedule a viewing!


 Alton Drive Featured

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